Current Position 2016-2018: W. Garfield Weston Post-doctoral Fellow in Northern Research – Acadia University

2011 – 2016 PhD in Biology; Specialization in Environmental and Chemical Toxicology – Carleton University

2007 – 2010 Master of Science (Biology) – University of Victoria

2003 – 2004 Bachelor of Education (Senior Sciences and Biology) – University of British Columbia

1998 – 2003 Bachelor of Science (Marine Biology) – University of British Columbia



I completed my BSc in marine biology at the University of British Columbia (UBC). Pursuing my love of teaching I completed my BEd with a major in sciences and biology also at UBC. To better develop my teaching and research skills I worked as a public educator and research assistant at the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre where I worked directly with students and teachers to develop and deliver hands-on experiential learning opportunities.

I went on to complete my MSc at the University of Victoria with Dr. John Dower and Dr. Tony Gaston, studying how fish and zooplankton communities in the eastern Canadian Arctic changed with different sea ice conditions using seabirds as sampling tools in collaboration with Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC). During my MSc work I became involved in the International Polar Year (IPY) and the Association of Polar Early Career scientists (APECS). After my MSc I led the IPY Education, Outreach and Communication Assessment.

I completed my PhD at Carleton University examining how parasites and contaminants can interact within a host to affect reproduction and survival under the supervision of Dr. Mark Forbes and Dr. Grant Gilchrist (ECCC). Since 2007 I have also worked in collaboration with the Nunavut Arctic College and ECCC to develop the Wildlife Contaminants Workshop for the Environmental Technology Program. This work is ongoing (funded by the Northern Contaminants Program), and I am collaborating with partners at Trent University on assessing how contaminants education in northern Canada can best help prepare students to be active members in the research community.

I am currently a W. Garfield Weston Post-Doctoral Fellow in Northern Research at Acadia University working with Dr. Mark Mallory and other collaborators from ECCC (Dr. Birgit Braune and Dr. Rob Letcher) and the Vancouver Aquarium (Dr. Peter Ross). This research follows up on work that I started during my MSc when I was finding plastic debris in the stomachs of seabirds while sorting through diet items. I am now investigating how plastic debris may act as a vector for contaminants in marine wildlife.

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